Top 5 London casinos and their dress codes

Casinos have long been associated with fashion. The idealised image of high-end gaming involves men in tuxedos and women in their finest gowns and dresses, yet casinos have perhaps the most varied dress codes of any entertainment venues. Casual gamers can get away with wearing jeans and even a hooded top, while the most luxurious gaming rooms demand a dress code as sophisticated as the buildings they are held in. Here are five London casinos and their dress codes:



Starting with the most casual, the Hippodrome has no formal dress code. The overall message is that you can wear whatever you want, within reason. The website explicitly states that jeans and trainers are fine, the only rule is the appearance “should be of an acceptable standard”. That’s very open to interpretation, but I guess it depends on what staff think of you on the night! Put simply, you’re unlikely to be refused entry here on the basis of dress.


Grosvenor Casino

Grosvenor have a “smart-casual” dress code, but leaning on the casual side is unlikely to cause issues. Their general guide is to dress in a similar way as to how you would if you were going out to a bar or a restaurant. Specifically, scruffy jeans and manual work wear are not allowed, and sports wear is also not recommended unless the casino is showing a particular event. The dress code is about as casual as for Wimbledon and other sporting events.

Grosvenor casino offers poker games pretty much every night of the week, mostly of Texas Hold ‘em, the most popular type of poker. Dress code at the poker tables is less stringent, and players are allowed to wear baseball caps, hoodies and sunglasses in the card rooms. It is recommended that they observe smart-casual dress in other parts of the casino.


Poker players are often the most casual-dress players in a casino, and are even subject to different dress codes.

The Palm Beach

Palm Beach casino is located in the Mayfair Hotel’s former Grand Art Deco Ballroom, so you can imagine it’s a pretty exquisite place to be. One of the largest gaming rooms in London, the luxury interior and service reflect the smarter dress code requirements. Though still classed as ‘smart-casual’, men should wear collared shirts. Smart jeans are allowed, but trainers are not.


The Ritz Club

The Ritz Club is an exclusive private club that is known around the world for its luxury. The gaming room is in the basement of the Ritz Hotel, and has beautiful domed ceilings and a feeling of being in a James Bond film. The dress code for the Ritz Club is smart formal wear, suit jackets and a collared shirt for men, and cocktail dresses for women. Clothing should “reflect the elegant nature of the hotel’s architecture”. Definitely no jeans, trainers or sportswear.

In venues like the Ritz Club and Les Ambassadeurs, players must maintain a smart formal dress code in keeping with the establishment.


Les Ambassadeurs

Les Ambassadeurs is perhaps the most exclusive casino in London, and is known around the world for attracting the rich and famous, including royalty. With amazing views over Hyde Park, and a stunning interior to match, Les Ambassadeurs has a dress code to match. Men should wear suit and ties, and ladies wear dresses and gowns. This is the most luxurious place you would ever imagine placing a bet on roulette at, so formal wear is a must.


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